Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 Review – Best Review

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 Review

The year 2021 is almost over, but yet Nike is still not yet done with it and is still producing high quality shoes. You can’t talk about any shoe product without echoing the slogan “Just do it”. They really came out hard this time with the Pegasus 38, Vaperify Next % 2, Miller 2, and infinity Run 2; all these released with amazing features and upper-only updates.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 consists of a new upper layer that is kinda wider in the forefoot. Aside from this layer, it’s got a new sandwich mesh, a longer and more padded tongue, and also a new midfoot webbing system.

Amazingly, this kick is named Pegasus after the winged horse, representing quickness, movement and its fascinating features. So, to you is Pegasus still a worthy name for the Pegasus 38? Let’s have a look at some key features of this super trainer and know if it’s still worthy!

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 Sole Unit

The Midsole Unit

Pegasus 37 featured a new collection of soft midsole which I kinda like, since I’m a fan of softer shoes. This feature was passed onto the 38. It’s got more cushioning than other Pegasus versions because of the soft React foam and a thicker air bag used.

Before, I could do a complete marathon in this Pegasus, even with the Pegasus 37, but with extra cushioning in Pegasus 38, I did a whole marathon. It wasn’t funny at all but still got the job done. It wasn’t funny because the midsole of Pegasus 38 doesn’t provide a lot of energy return when compared to the improved nitrogen-infused shoes like Deviate Nitro with Nitro foam.

Pegasus 38 is ideal for longer-runs at relaxed paces than shorter, faster runs. If you really need a runner that’s gonna encourage you to forefoot strike, then Pegasus 38 is the real deal. The thick airbag placed in the shoe helps achieve this. Though there’s a zoom unit in the forefoot and not the rear, this kick still feels very smooth due to the fact that the Rearfoot and forefoot are somewhat the same in density.

It offers profile comfort with the aid of a tuned Zoom Air Unit that provides responsive cushioning for toe-offs. Pressures of the Zoom Air unit are tuned to meet gender specific needs as men’s Pegasus 38 is tuned to 20psi, while the lady’s are a bit softer, standing at 15psi.

Also, a Nike React midsole foam still remains the major feature of the midsole. It’s got great abilities to be cushioned and responsive, soft and snappy. These shoes are really versatile, and make a good choice for longer runs as well as short. The foam is durable enough to withstand daily usage and it works hand-in-hand with the rubber sole to provide a grippy,, balanced feel.

The Outsole Unit

The long-lasting outsole helps carry the whole body weight with great balance, and also absorbs shocks from landings while providing some level of traction on slippery surfaces. outsole of Pegasus is classic Pegasus. It’s one of the most durable among 50 daily trainers with different outsole as it’s also hard-wearing.

After my daily run, I always check my kicks for any visible wear or tear in the outsole, but I always get nothing. It features the Pegasus waffle lugs on the main section of the sole. It’s got fine traction on dry surfaces but it’s below average on wet surfaces due to the hard nature of the rubber. Underneath the heel, you’ll find a deep cavity that saves weight, gives more balance, and also keeps the heels soft.

The Upper Unit

All the complaints laid by users of the previous versions relating to the upper unit have been corrected on the Pegasus 38. It features a new sandwich mesh that offers a soft feel for a more comfortable ride; but it’s kinda thick and not that breathable.

The thin racing inspired tongue that was first featured on the Pegasus 36 has been substituted with a much longer and padded tongue. This longer tongue design helps in protecting the foot against lacing pressures and it is carefully attached to the inner sleeve. This padded tongue also tends to move the foot a bit backwards, close to the heel cup so that your heel sits against the heel counter.

The soft mid foot webbing system employed in this shoe helps to spread the mid foot pressures across a wider region so you feel much more comfort than the Pegasus 37 that had different mid foot brands that were really hard. It makes use of the webbed lacing system. With its padded tongue and webbed lacing system, it gives one the opportunity to personalize the fit between runs and other activities.

My First Impression On Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38

My first walk in this kick was super amazing. The updated top felt super comfortable, and softer than the previous version. It is so fitting and lightweight like a goalkeeper’s gloves. When talking about the level of comfort offered, Pegasus 38 stands supreme when compared with the Brooks Ghost and ASICS Cumulus.

My first run in this beauty was an 8km warm-up, followed by a 12 kilometer run. It was really great at cushioning the feet. I also noticed that it felt way much better during the warm-up than the tempo-run. So, to me, this kick is great at an easy pace than at faster paces. At the 12 km run, I managed to move fast in the Pegasus 38 due to the high level of sink into the midsole.

Bottom Line

Pegasus 38 stands as one of the most refined Nike signature shoes. It isn’t like other Pegasus like 36 or 37 as it’s got a softer nature making it ideal for easy runs. It boasts of a wide range of features as it also offers neutral support with great cushioning and responsive snaps. These are all attributed to the Nike React midsole foam. Get the Pegasus 38 today and enjoy your long strolls on the beach, daily workouts with your dog or even portray a nice look when hanging out with friends.

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