Nike Revolution 5 Review – Full Guide


Nike introduces the comfortable and well-priced shoes perfect for walking, jogging and running. The shoes’ design has characteristics and style of the most expensive shoes, and the upper lightweight knitting style gives an epic look to the shoes.

Nike revolution 5 appears more affordable, and it is more consistent and comfortable with similar shoes in the same price and range, such as Adidas Duramo 9 and Under Armour Micro G Pursuit.

The shoe is lightweight and comfortable, and it also competes with the challenger brands based on comfort and flexibility. Nike is now designing light and lean models as compared to the previous big and bulky models.

It is not wrong to say that this particular brand is a good kick. There are many features of Nike revolution 5, which makes it more appealing for trail running and other exercise; let’s have a look at these features.

Features Of Nike Revolution 5

Breathable Support

Nike resolution 5 upper layer consists of breathable mesh that wraps your foot with a lightweight knit style. The upper part is light and thin so that it provides comfortable movement to the foot. The knit style keeps your foot cool during hot days. It reinforced the heel and provided support and durability. The breathable mesh also prevents the foot sweating and keeps the shoes safe from bad shoe odor.

Lightweight Cushioning

The midsole of the shoe is soft and durable, which provides a comfortable and smooth run. The foam cushion feels consistent and solid throughout the foot’s length and is responsive during the run. The foam is durable and feels like it will maintain its structure and does not flatten in more foot pressure areas. Consumers say that comfortable cushioning gives us a better road running experience.

Durable And Flexible Traction

The shoe’s outsole is made up of rubber, which provides durable and supportive traction on a wide range of surfaces. The heel of the shoe is perfectly designed and prevents pressure at some parts of the foot. The shoes provide better arch support and prevent slipping even on a wet surface. The presence of spacing in the tread provides comfort to the foot to flex naturally and comfortably and gives no issue when it came to foot flexing in the first run.

Revolutionary Comfort

Nike resolution 5 is a comfortable well-padded, and lightweight running shoe which provides you with the perfect fit according to size. The upper part of the shoe is lightweight and soft. There is more spacing, so it provides plenty of room for the foot to move comfortably.

There are no hard and pinch points in the shoe, and the sole stretches further, added with the width of the foot which makes it more comfortable during running.

However, the product details for this nike revolution 5 for both men and women, may look a bit different due to the built. As you may understand that the women brand is design to have extra width at the forefoot, including the toe area, and have a narrow shape in the heel region to reflect the gender role, for a better stride. While the men is usually wider and larger.

Product Details For Men

  • Weight: 302g approx. According to Men’s size 9.
  • Soft sock liner.
  • Color available: Black, Volt, White, Grey Fog.
  • Plush lining.
  • Offset: 10mm (Heel: 24.5mm, Forefoot: 14.5mm).

Product Details For Women

  • Weight: 241g approx. According to Women’s size 5.5).
  • Soft sock liner.
  • Color available: Barely Rose/Metallic Red Bronze-stone Mauve.
  • Plush lining.
  • Offset: 9.3mm (Forefoot: 13.7mm, Heel: 23mm).

Price Details

The price for men Nike resolution 5 is in the range of (£38.47 – £83.85) and the price or women Nike resolution 5 is in the range of (£40.00 – £120.84). Depends on various sizes. These products are also available on Amazon.


Nike Revolution 5 Over Nike Revolution 4

The Nike revolution 5 series provide better arch support as compared to the Nike revolution 4. Nike revolution 4 has contoured circles below the toe and heel portion, and this sticks to the base, and you feel pressure at some point of your feet. Still, revolution 5 of Nike is made up of one layer rubber outsole, which provides better support, and you feel comfortable.

You can easily flex your feet without any pressure, and there are no hard points at the tongue of the shoe. Revolution 5 provides better flexibility as compared to revolution 4. You can easily flex your foot during running as there is more spacing present in the tread area. You can say that this is the improved product as compared to its predecessor.

Pros & Cons

  • Nike revolution 5 is a perfect shoe for walking, jogging, and running over short distances.
  • The upper part of the shoe has a light knit style and provides us with breathable mesh so that the consumer’s foot feel comfortable during warmer days.
  • The shoe is stylish, comfortable, and well padded for road running.
  • The cushioning of the shoe is excellent, and the midsole is soft.
  • There is plenty of room present for foot movement during running.
  • The heel area is well-designed and prevents slippage and provides support during running.
  • Nike revolution 5 provides the perfect fit according to size.
  • Consumers are happy that the shoe is well priced and comfortable.
  • Some consumers complain about the durability of the upper unit of the shoes.
  • The shoe insole is not removable.
  • Due to the breathable mesh on the upper unit shoe is not good for rainy days as the whole of the foot gets wet when it is raining.
  • The outer rubber sole is not as thick as compared to traditional running shoes.


For indoor running, I recommend Nike revolution 5 because you have to look for a shoe that serves you in all weather conditions for outdoor running. Due to breathable mesh on the upper part of the shoe, it does not serve good on rainy days. This shoe also has a thin rubber outsole compared to traditional running shoes, to enable it performed on more challenging terrains over time.

For outdoor running, you can go for traditional running shoes, but if you are looking for a good shoe in all areas of exercise, Nike revolution 5 is a good choice. Overall, runners appreciate the soft midsole and breathable mesh during running, which keeps the foot cool during hot season.

The well-designed heel support gives a stable ride and prevents slipping. Nike revolution 5 is a comfortable and lightweight, stylish shoe available at an affordable price.




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