Saucony Echelon 7 Review – Hidden Facts Revealed


At a time, getting a good running shoe became an issue to me due to the wideness of my feet. Tried so many brands which offer the best shoes, but all these products tend to wear out easily. I almost gave up on wearing running shoes I so much desired and focused on wider ones that didn’t fit well. Time passed and as we can have it, the Saucony Echelon 7 running shoes was unveiled.

This shoe is a natural trainer which helps accommodate runners like me who’s got a wide foot, or low arches, and it also fits the orthotics. They aren’t lightweight when compared to other running shoes. This is because they’re made primarily for those with wider feet, so the materials used are a bit thick.

Echelon 7 provides comfort at its maximum with its ever-responsive midsole that is shock repellent, and a long-lasting outsole with tri-flex grooves that provide great traction, and also an outer level counter for ankle support.

A Glance At Some Amazing Facts About The Saucony Echelon 7

  • Made for runners with wide feet.
  • Not lightweight as it weighs 11.7 ounces for men and 10 ounces for women.
  • Its RubDry lining helps keep the feet dry and free from moisture.
  • Saucony superlite EVA foam supports the feet on every step.

When compared to other shoes in its line like the 6th generation Echelon, the 7th generation stood supreme in the aspect of stability. Let’s have a look at some features of this running shoe.

The Outsole Unit

Echelon 7 comes with a unique profile that suits both men and women who need a cushioned runner. As an improvement from the Echelon 6, these shoes are a bit wider to improve the contact surface with the ground, offering great stability. Also, there’s been another improvement in the materials used for the outsole. With the use of Carbon foam at high contact regions of the heel and forefoot, these outsole tend to be more long-lasting on a normal running basis. This combined foam type of outsole brings about great flexibility and durability than other running shoes. You’ll also find the TRI-FLEX technology on the outsole which keeps your feet protected with some level of flexibility. This technology helps in spreading shock all through the surface of the shoe for less effects of an impact. XT-900 rubber can also be found on the heel. This offers great traction while running and protects the shoe against wear or tear.

The Midsole Unit

With the use of Evarun technology, my shoes (Echelon 7) are made with a cushioned and comfortable midsole. I can even wear it all day. It’s not the best in its class, but it preferably provides the great comfort that I need. With its thick 8mm insole, I’ve got no worries because I know my feet are more protected and comfortable. This insole can however be removed if you feel you’re not with the arch support. You can even use different orthotics with this shoe as there are lots of spaces wide enough to accommodate them.  Also, with the inclusion of the Power grid Technology in the midsole, I’ve got no worries as this is a unique shock and pressure absorption technology.

The Upper Layer

Built primarily with comfort at heart, the upper layer of this shoe is made from open mesh fabric for extra breathability. It uses this mesh system to enhance the level of airflow, keeping your feet dry and comfortable. Notable in all Saucony shoes, Echelon 7 is also lined with RunDry Collar lining which helps prevent moisture, keeping your feet refreshed against odor while running.

Size And Fit Of Echelon 7 Running Shoe

One of the amazing features of this Echelon 7 is the fit. It is unisex and available in many sizes. Though this shoe comes in various sizes for a good fit, they still do not support high or fallen arches that well. To this effect, Saucony recommends using third-party orthotics.

Value And Price

Known for designing durable and affordable running shoes, Saucony didn’t make an exception with the Echelon 7. These kicks are both affordable and long-lasting; thanks to the use of various Saucony technologies. The outsole is primarily made of premium carbon rubber with an injection-blown rubber for longevity. The use of Power Grid technology in its midsole offers an additional layer of value and strength. All these features embedded in this shoe lead to its durability.

What I Like About The Echelon 7

  • It is highly comfortable: In all you do, always ensure your comfort is ensured, and this is exactly what Echelon 7 is here to offer. This runner shoe is highly comfortable, all thanks to the new technologies employed by Saucony. Its midsole provides excellent cushioning with every step you take. This is made possible by the Saucony superlite midsole and lightweight PowerGrid foam cushion used. The RunDry collar lining at the top of this shoe provides extra padding. It serves as moisture and odor repellent, and it’s also water-resistant.
  • It has a great design: the Echelon 7 comes “in a wavy manner” with a modern design. This shoe sometimes matches my style, and I virtually wear them to places. If you need a more fashionable shoe, try Echelon 7 today and thank me now, not later, lol.. The shoe comes in both male and female styles with multiple color options on each; a Grey-pink combo and a Grey, mint, and blue combo for us the ladies, and a thick navy-black combo, and a Grey-red-blue combo for men.
  • It’s long-lasting: Since I purchased these shoes, I haven’t had any issue with them wearing out or having to apply glue on any part. These shoes were built to last longer than expected. The sole of these shoes is loaded with high technology to boost both comfort and durability.

What I Don’t Like About These Shoe

  • Lacks flexibility: The more technology packed into the sole of these shoes the stiffer they get. Seems Saucony had to choose between flexibility and stability, and stability was chosen.

The Bottom Line

Echelon 7, designed by Saucony, has been made to provide great comfort, support, and durability for runners like me with wide feet. It offers little support without placing much focus on the arches.

Saucony has gained ground in the industry and they’re devoted to designing high-quality, long-lasting, and affordable shoes and the Echelon 7 makes a perfect addition to the line. So if you’re up to purchase some new kick that’s can offer support and stability, consider getting the Echelon 7 today and bask in the amazing features it has to offer.

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