Saucony Kinvara 9 Review – Like No Other

Saucony Kinvara 9 running shoe Review

My previous run in the Kinvara 9 was a speed play on the treadmill that helped me figure out the feel for this shoe at different paces. It’s astonishing to notice that this shoe requires zero break-ins. Compared to version 8 in its product line. These shoes are lightweight, soft, super comfy, and more responsive. The Kinvara 9 comes with a unique and an updated outsole pattern, and a tongue profile, but still keeps the same structure of the midsole and upper layer.

One turn down for me concerning this shoe is the Pro-Lock midfoot Lacing system. I’m not a fan of this feature and it still comes in the Kinvara 9. I always forget about this feature during lace-up and will always have to take a break during my first run to loosen the binding mid-foot lacing a bit.

Though this shoe has a very thin shape; it is stiff but tends to soften when you’re at a high pace. The uniquely designed Kinvara 9 boasts the same smooth ride as other premium shoes; accompanied with much softness. It’s a top-performing shoe with a great stability-to-weight ratio. Below is some top information about the Saucony Kinvara 9 Running Shoes.

Udates Compared To Other Products (Saucony Kinvara 9)

Kinvara 9 features most updates to give runners a more comfortable experience. Placed in the heel and forefoot area of this shoe is a durable rubber that provides long-lasting structure to the shoe on high runner areas. Compared to other runners, Kinvara 9 boasts of increased flexibility in the forefoot region. Below are some key updates about the Saucony Kinvara 9.

  • Kinvara 9 features a woven heel that provides upper support and great stability.
  • Has an engineered mesh in its upper section that provides great breathability.

The Pros and Cons of Kinvara 9


  • Multiple color options.
  • Good heel support.
  • Comprises a good arch support
  • Shock absorbent feature.
  • Lightweight in nature.


  • Soft insoles

The Midsole Unit

Though the Kinvara 9 has a related midsole setup (Everun + EVA foam) just as the 8, walking in these kicks is somewhat firmer due to some improvements. Kinvara 9 succeeds the 8. The EVA foam midsole keeps the 23mm heel and 19mm forefoot thickness, and an additional comfort is provided by the Everun Top sole and a removable EVA foam sickliness. Its midsole comprises mainly of EVA foam with an Everun that is in little components. The Everun’s responsiveness is more noticeable here than in other trainers. A Kinvara 9 midsole is thick, yet keeping a soft structure. The EVA+ used is intended to maintain the integrity of the midsole longer than the standard EVA. It is long-lasting enough to be exposed to ground contact on the outsole of the shoe without losing its structure.

The Outsole Unit

The outsole of the Saucony Kinvara 9 comes with removable rubber, but it’s still durable. As long as you don’t take it on a trail, these outsoles are keen to providing you hundreds of miles worth of running experience. The materials used ensure durability as it features a Tri-Flex outsole. Impacts are evenly distributed throughout the underfoot of the shoe to provide great flexibility, stability and this configuration can also be found in the Kinvara 10.

The Upper Layer

Using a breathable material like netting, Kinvara 9 is a bit more structural in its upper unit. It’s got a simple construction with no seams, and is favorable for the breaking-in period of a shoe, and protects the foot against blisters. With a long-lasting upper layer, the Kinvara 9 is reduced in weight compared to its predecessors.

The upper layer comes with some noticeable advancement from other products in its lines like woven heel support, additional shoe support, and stability. It utilizes the flex film overlays that are welded to the upper layer. These materials are used to provide a more secured and comfy fit.


Like the Kinvara 8, the Kinvara 9 features the Everun and EVA+ midsole cushioning technology. This shoe is somewhat long-lasting compared to its lightweight trainers. It’s great at spreading the effects of an impact through the heel, depending on how you get on your feet and the passage from landing to take-off is stress-free due to the flexible grooves slit across the sole. Kinvara 9 looks very similar to the 8 but it’s an upgrade in great cushioning.


One of the greatest features of this shoe is its lightweight nature. Many running shoes weigh around 11.4 oz., but Kinvara 9 is about 7.6 oz. which is almost half the weight of other shoes, laying less stress on

your joints when running or jogging. You can jog with these shoes for long without ever feeling an added burn in your ankle. In most running shoes, all the weights are placed on the bottom rubber soles, but with this model, you’ll be free as all unnecessary materials have been removed, leaving the shoe relatively lightweight.


Saucony has a great reputation for being a brand with great insoles as well as the materials used on the cloth. They’re fit for short burst runners and mid-level joggers, and they seem to be durable for those who prefer indoor running on treadmills like me. Jogging on an outdoor terrain which seems to be very rough on most shoes like the Saucony seems to reduce its lifespan. If you prefer to run for a long time covering long distances, they may not last long when talking about the outsoles.



The prices of this shoe vary due to its multiple color options and different sizes. It ranges from as little as $68 to over $100. If you care about your style and color, you’d spend extra pennies trying to get one of your choices. So get what fits your budget and your style. Always ensure your comfort is placed first before any other thing.

The Bottom Line

Kinvara 9 is one of the safest kicks on the runners market today. Are you looking for a single shoe that will cover your whole running needs, then this is the best fit for you. If you need extra support and firm traction in a lightweight material, then the Kinvara 9 is also the best for you. Ensure you know what your needs are and get the best to fit them.

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